Want to Sponsor the Life With Herpes Podcast?

What the show is about?

The Life With Herpes Podcast was created to educate, entertain and connect the underserved and, often ostracized, community of people living with herpes. Each week, Life With Herpes the show focuses on personal stories, managing  day to day life with herpes, a weekly Ask Alexandra section, and weekly interviews with medical or industry professionals.  We will cover things ranging from the stigma, how to cope and the hard core facts about herpes.  The show will help people with the virus understand it and learn how to survive their outbreaks.


Who the show is for?

The Life with Herpes Podcast is for men and women who are living with herpes, people who are wondering if they have herpes and for people who are sexually involved with someone who has herpes. Basically it is an epicenter for people living with herpes to learn how to live a full life.  


Who is Alexandra?

I, Alexandra Harbushka, am the host of  the Sex, Money and Food Podcast and am the host of the new podcast, Life With Herpes. I never thought that I would become a statistic for an STD, but I am. I have herpes.  I know what it feels like to get the call from your doctor, I know what it feels like emotionally and physically.  I am living with Herpes and I want to break down the stigma, create a judge free environment and educate the herpes community.  


Why advertise on Life With Herpes?

Podcasting is the ideal medium for this topic. Why? Because it is private and the listener can choose to listen at his or her own convenience. There are over 57 million Americans listening to podcasts everyday (1). With over 50 Million Americans living with genital herpes this means that X% of listeners have herpes.  Why else?  More than 152,500  people search for info on the topic EVERY DAY.  Did you know herpes is the second most google STD worldwide (2)? Get this, two-thirds of the world's population has herpes (3). More people in the United States have genital herpes than all other STI’s combined (4). 20 Million people a year newly acquire the HSV virus (5) which means as long as people continue to have sex there will continue to be a listener base. Your support of the community and availability to share your message is ridiculously inexpensive visibility to a highly targeted audience. Not to mention the are lifelong consumers, because we all know it is the gift that keeps on giving.  


Your Sponsorship Opportunity:

*A 45- second Read PreRoll {beginning of the show} for $1000 per episode.

*The sponsorship investment is for a minimum of 3 months.


Founding Patron

Become a Founding Patron and help support the infrastructure of the Life With Herpes podcast and community. As of now, we don’t know if there will be 100 downloads per episode or 100,000 but we know there is an audience out and they suffering and struggling with their outbreaks.

As a Founding Patron your Sponsorship Opportunity will include:


*A 45- second Read PreRoll {beginning of the show} for the first 12 episodes for $10,000

Sponsor FAQs:

To respect the sponsor and keep the exclusivity we are only accepting one sponsor per show. The sponsor will receive a feature on the LifeWithHerpes.com show notes page as well as a featured placement on our sponsors page. In addition, the sponsor will have the opportunity to do a monthly live stream with the Facebook Community. The billing will occur at the beginning of every month for the current month.


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